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WHY A 45X10

Why have we decided the 45x10 is the best size for a couple or single person? Let me explain...

When i purchased my first boat in 2009 my dad, who had lived on boats in london and the south east the 1980s advised me that the best boat is the smallest and best equipt boat i can see myself living on. I purchased a 30 ft narrowboat. I still live aboard by this good advise and so now we have created the 45x10 concept and we believe it ticks all the boxes.

There are alot of large VAT exempt second hand and new boats out there for sale at the moment, We believe this to be because they are unmanageable on the towpath and expensive in the marina. Here are the licence fees for a 45x10 and a 65x12ft6 and these prices are set to rise

In the graph above you can see the schedule Canal and river trust are using to demonstrate the price increases.

12 Month Canal and River     1st March 2024     None     £1,619.54          £33.74

12 Month Canal and River     1st March 2024     None     £1,184.03      

 In 5 years time this price is going to increase to

12 Month Canal and River     1st March 2024     None     £2,834.19    

12 Month Canal and River     1st March 2024     None     £1,776.09      

This is for continuous cruiser licence without a mooring. you can see the smaller boat is considerable savings are to be made.  

Here are the rates for mooring at roydon marina village

45 ft widebeam £5120
60ft widebeam £6581

The 45x10 is also boat is more fun to actually use, easier to cruise and moor, easier to find a mooring and uses less fuel to heat. They are also able to turn pretty well anywhere.

We have been living on boats for over 13 years, the design and size of this boat is all you will need to live very comfortably for many years and thats why we have decided to create it.

Why a 45 x 10?: About
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