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Why Pellet stoves

We want to use the most sustainable, Low emission heating we can find for our boats and this search has led us to the 4.8kw Lundy 8 pellet stove. If installed correctly they can be up to 95% efficient over 75% efficient for a multi fuel stove. Plus they have a 3.8kw back boiler to provide heating and hotwater via a calorifier.

We used to install multi fuel stoves with back-boilers but in 2022 new regulations were introduced which made multi-fuel boiler stoves obsolete. This made us look into new technology and we found the Lundy 8. 

Fuel for pellet stoves is vey readily available with prices per Kg as low as £0.29. It is easy to source online for next day delivery if necessary. 

The Lundy 8 also has a programmer and thermostat which can be set for self ignition and control. 

We feel this is the future for fossil fuel free off-grid living. 

For more information on this stove please see their website.

Why a Pellet Stove: About
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